Valley Pump & Supply provides the highest quality rebuilds in the vacuum pump business. We supply large-scale equipment for the food packaging, aviation and health care industries, we don’t do vacuum sweepers. Valley Pump & Supply repairs Busch, Kinney, Leybold, Tuthill, Rietschle, Gast, and Edwards brand equipment.

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Valley Pump and Supply is a family business owned and operated by Lee Beckner. The company was started in 1992 as C&L Electric Motor Repair. Initially, our focus was rewinding and rebuilding electric motors. In late 1992, we repaired a vacuum pump as a favor to one of our regular customers. Our experience with electric motors and knowledge of the machining  proved to be very beneficial in the repair of vacuum equipment.

By early 1993, we developed a machining process, acquired specialized equipment and set the standard for the repair of vacuum pumps and boosters that we still follow today. In 2004, we sold the electric motor equipment, moved the shop to Valley Center and changed our name to Valley Pump and Supply.

Today, Valley Pump and Supply will rebuild most brands of vacuum pumps and boosters and we manufacture our own line of rotary vane vacuum pumps that are a direct replacement for Busch-style pumps. Our motor testing procedures, in-house machine shop, exchange program and 27 years of experience make Valley Pump and Supply the vacuum pump industry leader.


Valley Pump and Supply is located in Newton, Kansas. This central location allows us to not only serve the Midwest, but also provides us the ability to serve customers as far west as Utah and California and as far east as North Carolina and Florida. We offer consulting services, free on-site training classes and stock a large inventory of replacement parts.

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