Valley Pump & Supply

121 W. 61st St. N. Suite B
Park City, KS 67219
(316) 755-9922 Fax: (316) 755-9977

Valley Pump and Supply puts out the highest quality rebuilds in the vacuum pump industry. We repair Busch, Kinney, Leybold, Tuthill, Reitchle, Gast, and Edwards.

Our mission is not only to give you a high quality rebuild but also help you learn about your vacuum pumps. We offer free vacuum pump training classes. We have also strategically placed a sales center in Piedmont,Ok to help our customers more. We stock many parts at both shops. Give us a call if you have any questions.

Have questions about your Food Packaging machine or Vacuum Pumps? Give us a call 24hrs a day

Looking for a used Vacuum Pump? Give us a call 24 hrs a day